Brian Hopper

Partner, Executive Operations Manager

As husbands and fathers go, Brian is first-rate.  He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Stephanie, for 23 years now.  Their children are Caleb, 17, Claire, 15, and Patrick, 12.  Charlie is the family’s canine member.  Hanging out with this crew is Brian’s favorite activity.

He and Stephanie both grew up in the Oklahoma City area and are surrounded here with friends and extended family.  Brian’s first job as a kid was mowing yards with his brothers.  If the yard had a pool, and its owners furthermore allowed the boys to plunge in at their labor’s end, the owners got a discount. 

Brian’s love for the hometown people and its quality of life has led to volunteerism.  He serves on the United Way of Norman finance council, teaches 4th graders on Sunday at his church, and is a church elder.  He also cheers for the local university, Oklahoma, which is his alma mater.  His NFL loyalty lies farther afield with the Buffalo Bills.

 Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration – University of Oklahoma
  • Past Officer of BOMA
  • Active Member of the AACO and IFMA

Bill Turner

Business Developer

Bill possesses and nurtures a zest for life.  He reads fiction and history, climbs 14ers in Colorado (32 to date), rescues dogs, and even gave skydiving a try.   (Once was enough, thank you very much).  He plays tennis and chess, roots for the OKC Thunder and the Dallas Cowboys, and loves music, photography, his three dogs, and his wife.  (Not, of course, in that order.) 

He is fond of Oklahoma.  Its people, he says, are the friendliest he’s ever known.  (Did I mention that he grew up in Austin?)  The thing he finds most rewarding in his work is establishing relationships with clients and earning their trust.

As you might expect, Bill has a varied bucket list.  It includes sailing the Greek Isles, visiting Salzburg, Austria, joining the crowd at a Super Bowl and at the World Series, and climbing another 14er.  Viva la vida!

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Marketing – University of Texas

Brad Lowe

Account Manager (Tulsa)

Brad grew up in Arlington and Tulsa, dreaming of driving an IndyCar, and learning the ways of the outdoorsman.  Most of his favorite activities take place outside—hunting, golfing, smoking meat, working in his yard, and taking Tom Selleck to the lake.  (Tom Selleck, by the way, is his golden retriever.)  His favorite thing about living in the Tulsa area is all the nearby lakes.  (Tom Selleck is also very fond of the lakes.)

Brad got his marketing degree at OSU in his hometown of Tulsa.  However, he is definitely game for adventure in places far afield.  For instance, because he and his then-fiancé, Leigh, wanted to visit Australia, they got married there!

His love for the outdoors is reflected in the work he does.  He enjoys helping clients conceptualize outdoor spaces which delight them and are “magazine cover worthy.”  Being able to build relationships, beautify the city, and hang out on its nearby lakes is an ideal blend for him.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Marketing Degree – Oklahoma State University

Cindy Westbrook 

Account Manager (Oklahoma City)

If you rode a bike straight from OKC to the North Pole (bucket list, anyone?), you’d still be short of Cindy’s goal for 2020, which is to ride her bike 4,000 miles.  She surpassed the 3,000 mark in 2019.  This proves that the title she won back in ’92—OKC’s official “Toughwoman”—is still spot-on today.  (Toughwoman and Toughman, by the way, is a nationwide amateur boxing competition.  Cindy won the OKC contest, although she’d never boxed before.  And hasn’t since.)

As a spectator, her favorite sport is college football, specifically Oklahoma State Cowboys’ football.  She received her degree in horticulture and landscape architecture at OSU.  Even as a kid growing up in Guthrie, Cindy knew that her future career had to involve plants.  She spent many hours working in her grandparents’ greenhouses and flower shop, so came by the interest naturally.       

These days, Cindy lives with three unreasonable dogs, who expect a walk each and every evening.  She enjoys OKC for various reasons, including its friendly people, her opportunity to contribute creative landscape designs to its visual appeal, the presence of the OKC Thunder, and frequent terrific sunsets. 

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Degree – Oklahoma State University

Jason Austin

Account Manager (Oklahoma City)

Jason’s favorite sport is incontestably baseball.  His favorite vacation, in fact, is the trip he and his family took two years ago to watch the Chicago Cubs spring training camp in Phoenix.  They soaked up the history in the same hotel the Cubs used to stay in, back in the sixties and seventies.  And the cubs aren’t even Jason’s favorite team!  (That’s the St. Louis Cardinals.)  Enjoying another team’s camp so much is testament to his love for the game. 

Jason himself played baseball all the way into college, when he also married his high school sweetheart, Holly.  They now have three kids—sons Riley and Kolby and daughter Keely—two Labradors, and two cats.  Jason’s volunteer work at the local grade school includes helping with the landscape.  On weekends, he spends time with family and friends, either at the lake or at home.  He visits the gym, and enjoys food prep, cooking, and grilling.

He is happy to be a participant in the Oklahoma City trend towards a greater number of creative outdoor spaces.  As for the future, here is his response to a bucket list question.  “Every day is a bucket list; never stop moving, and never stop learning.” 

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Associates in Horticulture – Oklahoma State University
  • ICPI Hardscape Certification
  • OSHA 10 Hour