Landscape Installation & Design


At Peach Tree, our landscape design team envisions your property as an opportunity to create a fresh new living work of art. Professional landscaping adds value to your industrial, commercial or residential property and designing can be done at any time. Experience shows that the best time to bring in our in house landscape design team is during the initial planning stages prior to building. It is like starting with a blank canvas and creating a masterpiece with all the little essentials included.

Our team meets with clients to gather and exchange ideas to formulate a game plan that will efficiently and effectively create all the landscape features desired by the client that also work for the property. Our design services include planning, installation and maintenance services. Irrigation systems, piping, outdoor lighting, patio, deck, garden and water features are all important to proper landscape design. Our award winning staff is also proficient at planning and maintenance of hardscape areas such as patios, paved areas, and walkways.

Our Peach Tree staff includes an award winning landscape designer who is available for consultation and creation of custom master landscape plans for our clients in middle Tennessee. Our company serves commercial, industrial and residential customers in the central area of the state including Nashville, Bowling Green, Clarksville and Franklin. Our crews do maintenance regularly in all size towns and are always able to add new clients to our service routes.



We have over 400 clients in Nashville. Large corporations such as Wal-Mart, Lowes, Taco Bell, Cracker Barrel, McDonald’s, Kohl’s and Kroger have entrusted landscape services to Peach Tree Inc. We have many satisfied customers in Murfreesboro, Hendersonville, Brentwood, Clarksville, Manchester, Springfield and Cookville.

Our landscape design team starts from below the ground up, planning for custom irrigation systems, plant and garden beds, green areas and water features. They take all the guess work and hassles that come with achieving proper watering out of your project so your project progresses smoothly. Being able to get a photo finish look when completed is only possible with expert landscape design planning from the start.

You can rely on Peach Tree Landscape for continued maintenance service to keep your landscaping looking exactly as planned. Maintenance also keeps costs to a minimum as problems that might develop are caught promptly. We take Tennessee pride to heart and will be around for years to come with the same excellence of service. The size of our company also benefits your landscaping projects as we are able to make advantageous purchases for projects and have the best equipment available.