Brian Hopper

Partner, Executive Operations Manager

Brian loves solving problems and creating customers for life.  As a part of that, we are able maintain some of the best looking properties in Oklahoma. Brian launched Landscapes USA in Oklahoma in 1999.

Brian began his landscape career mowing yards in the summer with his brothers, holding all of the equipment in the back of their Jeep.  He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma.

He grew up in Norman, roots for the Sooners, loves to travel (mountains and beaches), and never changes the radio station when Neil Diamond is singing.  Brian teaches Sunday School to 4th graders at Wildwood Community Church. He loves his wife and has three outstanding kids (16, 14, 12.)   Right now, life is full, and he is blessed beyond measure.

Bill Turner

Business Developer

Bill is from Austin, Texas and holds a B.A. in Marketing from the University of Texas. His first landscaping job was in 2007 for TruGreen Landcare in Colorado.

Bill joined the LUSA team in 2019, and his favorite part of his job is the customers and prospects he gets to work with.

Bill has been married for eighteen years. In his free time, he enjoys sailing, climbing Colorado 14ers, playing tennis, sports, working out, chess, and spending time with his wife and dogs.

Brad Lowe

Account Manager (Tulsa)

brad_bwBrad is originally from Arlington, Texas and has lived in Tulsa since 1991. He went to Oklahoma State University at Tulsa and received his degree in Marketing. Brad worked for a horticulture company for five years as an applicator and turf care specialist. He then spent several years in sales in the manufacturing industry.

Now, he is back in the landscaping industry doing what he enjoys best. His favorite thing about LUSA is being able to spend time outdoors while impressing customers with what our services can do to add value to their property.

Brad and his wife got married seven years ago in Sydney, Australia. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf, smoking meat on his smoker, hunting, taking his dog (Tom Selleck) to the lake in the summer, landscaping his yard and spending time outdoors.

Cindy Westbrook (Oklahoma City)

Account Manager 

Cindy is from Guthrie, Oklahoma. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, and she has been in the landscaping business for many years.

When asked about how she got started in landscaping, Cindy shared, “My grandparents had a flower shop and greenhouses when I was growing up. I followed my grandfather around the greenhouses all day ‘helping him’ with whatever he was doing. When I was older, I would work there after I got out of school. I have been playing with plants all my life.”

In her spare time, Cindy enjoys working in her own yard and road biking (she logs around 2,000 mile per year).

Zane Morris (Oklahoma City)

Account Manager 

Zane is a 2015 graduate from OSU with an AS degree in Turfgrass Management. He has 7 plus years of experience in landscape maintenance. In 2015, Zane began his career in the golf course industry, and he came to Landscapes USA from the University of Texas Golf Club. He takes great pride in helping clients improve their turf quality and landscape to enhance the property.

From his past experiences, he has a great eye for detail and customer service skills that assist in his everyday tasks. When he is not working, Zane enjoys spending time with his wife, playing golf, watching Oklahoma football, and grilling.