Meet Our Team

Brian Hopper

Partner, Executive Operations Manager

As husbands and fathers go, Brian is first-rate.  He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Stephanie, for 23 years now.  Their children are Caleb, 17, Claire, 15, and Patrick, 12.  Charlie is the family’s canine member.  Hanging out with this crew is Brian’s favorite activity. He and Stephanie both grew up in the Oklahoma City area and are surrounded here with friends and extended family.  Brian’s first job as a kid was mowing yards with his brothers.  If the yard had a pool, and its owners furthermore allowed the boys to plunge in at their labor’s end, the owners got a discount. 

Brian’s love for the hometown people and its quality of life has led to volunteerism.  He serves on the United Way of Norman finance council, teaches 4th graders on Sunday at his church, and is a church elder.  He also cheers for the local university, Oklahoma, which is his alma mater.  His NFL loyalty lies farther afield with the Buffalo Bills.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration – University of Oklahoma
  • Past Officer of BOMA
  • Active Member of the AACO and IFMA

Rob Crowe

Account Manager

Rob and his wife, Jamie, have a big, lively crew of kids and animals, starting with their eight sons—Caleb, Andre, Jordan, Zachery, Steven, Nate, James, and Christian.  Four dogs, two cats, two donkeys, a pig and 6 hens mean there are animals enough to go around, and then some.

Rob still finds time to pursue his interests.  He collects, builds, and restores cars, and just about anything else that is motorized.  Happily, despite his love of speed, he doesn’t race his cars; he saves that for his jet skis!  Football is another love.  He began playing the game when he was only four.  As a kid growing up in OKC, he naturally became devoted to the Sooners, and dreamed that one day, he’d play in the NFL.  More specifically, he dreamed of being Brian Bosworth, playing in the NFL.

Rob believes in the value of volunteering, and is teaching it to his kids.  The whole family  regularly pitches in with Rotary Council and Chamber community projects.  This aligns perfectly with one of Ron’s “bucket list” goals, which is to play a role in bettering his city.

Luis Sosa

Account Manager

Luis Sosa’s coming-to-America story is inspiring and sometimes frightening. For 17 years, he knew success as a physician in his native Cuba, even serving as chief of a large medical group. But he did not know freedom; and so he searched, discreetly, for a way to reachAmerica. This led him to apply to Cuba’s overseas medical missions program. He was thoroughly vetted—to assure he wasn’t considering defection—and then sent to a repressive nation in South America. The authorities took his passport.

Luis, however, prayed, as he frequently does.The passport was returned. He immediately began a difficult journey to the nation’s capital (with itsAmerican Embassy), assuming he’d be in the U.S.within days. Instead, the embassy required stacks of paperwork. He was told that in about six months, he’d learn if he’d been accepted. At this point—with Luis dead broke in a country where he knew no one—help began pouring in from unexpected quarters. Only a month later, the US government flew him to the States.Through a maze of circumstances, Luis was led to a church family and finally to work with LUSA. He is open to what God is teaching him and has embraced the landscape industry with the enthusiasm of a life-long learner. He says that the credit for all that is good in his life belongs to God in Jesus Christ’s name.

Brad Lowe

Account Manager (Tulsa)

Brad grew up in Arlington and Tulsa, dreaming of driving an IndyCar, and learning the ways of the outdoorsman.  Most of his favorite activities take place outside—hunting, golfing, smoking meat, working in his yard, and taking Tom Selleck to the lake.  (Tom Selleck, by the way, is his golden retriever.)  His favorite thing about living in the Tulsa area is all the nearby lakes.  (Tom Selleck is also very fond of the lakes.)

Brad got his marketing degree at OSU in his hometown of Tulsa.  However, he is definitely game for adventure in places far afield.  For instance, because he and his then-fiancé, Leigh, wanted to visit Australia, they got married there!

His love for the outdoors is reflected in the work he does.  He enjoys helping clients conceptualize outdoor spaces which delight them and are “magazine cover worthy.”  Being able to build relationships, beautify the city, and hang out on its nearby lakes is an ideal blend for him.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Marketing Degree – Oklahoma State University

Mike Murray

Account Manager (Tulsa)

As a little guy growing up in Tulsa, Mike dreamed of someday being a tree.  This lofty goal eventually toppled to dreams of being centerfielder for the KC Royals.  The love of baseball led to playing college ball for both Oklahoma Christian and Oral Roberts, and then, when Mike became a husband and father, to coaching the teams his kids played on—not only baseball, but also soccer and basketball.

Mike married Jodee 25 years ago.  Their daughters, Allie (21) and Gracie (19), are students at Oral Roberts.  Son Peyton (who plays baseball) is 14.  The family also includes a rescue dog named Sophie.

Mike used to work with IT, but the big outdoors beckoned him.  He began a side business, doing decorative concrete and landscape design.  Today, as a property manager for LUSA, he continues to beautify his home town, while in his off-hours he coaches, volunteers at church, and plays golf, frisbee golf, and church softball.  He loves college football and particularly those Sooners.  Someday, he and Jodee hope to travel the world.


Bill Turner

Business Developer

Bill possesses and nurtures a zest for life.  He reads fiction and history, climbs 14ers in Colorado (32 to date), rescues dogs, and even gave skydiving a try.   (Once was enough, thank you very much).  He plays tennis and chess, roots for the OKC Thunder and the Dallas Cowboys, and loves music, photography, his three dogs, and his wife.  (Not, of course, in that order.)

He is fond of Oklahoma.  Its people, he says, are the friendliest he’s ever known.  (Did I mention that he grew up in Austin?)  The thing he finds most rewarding in his work is establishing relationships with clients and earning their trust.

As you might expect, Bill has a varied bucket list.  It includes sailing the Greek Isles, visiting Salzburg, Austria, joining the crowd at a Super Bowl and at the World Series, and climbing another 14er.  Viva la vida!

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Marketing – University of Texas

Joselin Vargas Cervantes

Administrative Assistant

Joselin is a lover of trees and green pastures.  That is actually why she loves living in Tulsa. She can be in the middle of a city and still be one turn away from pastures with cows, horses, and country roads.

When Joselin was a young girl, she wanted to be an FBI agent. She studied International Business at New Hamshire and also game design at the Academy Of Art University. Today,

Joselin uses her top notch agent skills with Landscapes USA. Her favorite thing about her work is learning Apd, different equipments that are used in the landscaping industry, different types of flowers, diversity of people we serve, and bettering her Spanish.

​Joselin is a fan of Mexico and S.Korea’s soccer team. She also enjoys to watch college football (doesn’t matter the team). Joselin and her son enjoy living their life in their favorite vacation place, Tulsa, Oklahoma. One day, Joselin would love to visit S.Korea, and Mexico. Her dream is to make a popular Massively Multiplayer Online Game.